The Benefits of Buying Used Cars From 1000 Islands Toyota


Why Buying Used Cars From 1000 Islands Toyota Makes Sense

Everyone loves the feeling of driving off a car lot in a new car...  but it doesn't need to be a new car!  When you buy used cars from 1000 Islands Toyota, you can get a great deal on exceptional vehicles with plenty of years left, but at substantially lower prices!  Plus, of course, you'll be guided along your buying journey by the experts at 1000 Islands Toyota, who are dedicated to putting you in the perfect vehicle for your needs.

If it's time to buy a new car, here are just a few reasons that used cars are a great alternative!

Four Reasons to Buy Used From 1000 Islands Toyota

1. Toyota Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

When you buy a Toyota-certified used car, you're not getting some random vehicle that someone drove onto the lot.  Toyota-certified means that your vehicle has been checked out, tuned, and ultimately passed a 160-point inspection that guarantees it's a great purchase.  It even comes with warranty protections, and you can opt into a year of roadside assistance to boot.

When the used car is Toyota Certified, you know it's trustworthy.

2. Lower insurance rates

Used cars don't only save you money on the sticker price - they also save money down the road as well!  Older vehicles usually have lower insurance rates, as the value of the car is one of the main elements that determines your insurance costs.  Over the years, this can substantially reduce the costs of owning your Toyota!

3. Transparent no-haggle pricing

Another reason some people shy away from buying a used car is the idea that they will have to go through a prolonged haggling process.  That's not the case at 1000 Islands Toyota! We offer fully transparent no-haggle pricing on our pre-owned vehicles. When we quote the cost, we'll show you everything you'll be buying for your money.

That lets you drive off with your new vehicle quickly and easily!

4. Less depreciation

If you're buying for a business, depreciation can quickly impact your vehicle's worth.  A car will lose the majority of its value within the first 3-4 years.  Therefore, buying older vehicles significantly reduces the amount of depreciation on your investment.  That's a smart purchase!

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