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Why People in Brockville Love the Toyota RAV4

When people want an SUV, there's a very good chance they'll choose a Toyota RAV4!  The RAV4 is consistently one of Toyota's best-selling vehicles, and one of the most popular SUVs in the world. With millions of RAV4s on the road, you know there must be something special about it.

So, what makes the Toyota RAV4 so popular here in Brockville, and everywhere else? Here are just a few reasons people choose the RAV4 over other SUVs.

1 - Quality build (and lasting resale value)

Toyota is well-known for using top-quality components in their vehicles, and the RAV4 is no exception. Whether you opt for a traditional engine or the highly fuel-efficient electric hybrid option, you'll be getting a rugged vehicle that's built for years of use. This is also why the RAV4 tends to hold its value better than a lot of other SUVs. A used RAV4 can be just as reliable as a new vehicle from other brands.

This also translates to better gas mileage. Even the gas-powered motor gets 28-30 MPG, and the hybrid easily gets 40 MPG.

2 - Plenty of options and flexibility

There are numerous different models of RAV4, including the XSE, TRD Off-Road, and Adventure. Whether you're looking for a vehicle for on-road, off-road, or both, the RAV4 has configurations to meet your needs.  In our opinion, this is the RAV4's "secret sauce." It's a true jack-of-all-trades that can excel in almost any situation!

3 - Top-tier safety features

The Toyota RAV4 is also among the safest of SUVs because Toyota puts a priority on high-tech enhancements intended to protect you and your family (Toyota Safety Sense). With the full safety package, you get collision warning systems, emergency braking, lane-departure warnings, steering assistance, and more. You can even get optional camera-based blind-spot monitoring or reverse-driving cameras. You can always feel secure driving a RAV4.

4 - A surprisingly affordable price

From all the features and universal acclaim, you might assume the RAV4 is a premium vehicle - but that's not the case.  With many configurations priced under $30,000, the RAV4 is a top-quality SUV that just about anyone can afford.

Drive Off with Your RAV4 Today!

Between the low price and great features, it's no wonder that Brockville loves the RAV4, along with so many others around the world. If you've never tried the RAV4 for yourself, contact 1000 Islands Toyota in Brockville to arrange a test drive!