Buying or Selling a Vehicle in the Age of COVID-19

Buying and selling vehicles has always been a hands-on, face-to-face process. However, due to the pandemic, dealerships like 1000 Islands Toyota have had to adapt. As one of the leading Brockville and Kingston Toyota dealerships, we wanted to highlight some of the ways the pandemic has affected the auto sales market and some of the corresponding benefits for buyers.

No-Pressure Sales Approach

Buying a new car can certainly be an exciting moment, though for some it is also intimidating. On occasion, buyers may feel pressured into purchasing a vehicle they’re not ready for or that they can’t afford. Although 1000 Islands Toyota has always practiced a no-pressure approach, other dealerships are following suit as people transition to purchasing online more frequently.

Colorblind (& Gender-Blind Sales)

An additional benefit to the increase in online auto sales is a noticeable decrease in racial and gender discrimination. Unfortunately, potential buyers’ may be treated differently by sales’ staff based on their perceived gender or race. 1000 Islands Toyota treats all of our clients with the respect they deserve regardless of race, gender, religion, or cultural differences and are pleased to note the positive changes that are happening in regard to discrimination in the market.

Solo Test Drives

Another noticeable change is the ability to test drive vehicles on your own! If you want to take a test drive, you’ll likely be able to do so without a member of the sales team, to comply with social distancing protocols. For some, this is a more pleasurable experience that allows potential buyers to relax and focus on the feel of the vehicle, and not the passenger in the seat beside them.

What 1000 Islands Toyota is Doing Differently

In addition to adhering to all of the federal and local guidelines regarding COVID-19, we’re also conducting in-person vehicle sales by appointment. We’ve boosted our digital platforms to allow for a complete virtual sales experience. It even includes a virtual walk-around of our showroom and has the capability to allow you to virtually test drive our vehicles!

Learn more here about our COVID-19 precautions.

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